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The Lao economy is one of the fastest growing in Asia. With strong economic growth and impressive gains in social development, the Lao people now enjoy greater buying power and improved access to quality goods and services.

At LDC Group, we want to make daily life easier and better for residents and visitors alike. We import and distribute a wide variety of internationally acclaimed products and also provide consumers with locally sourced fresh foods and baked goods from our kitchens.

Our group began in 2011 as LDC Import-Export Co. Ltd., offering imported products and local produce in Vientiane Capital.

Since 2014, LDC Import-Export has offered a wide selection of consumer products at Jiffy stores around Laos. The Jiffy brand is quickly becoming the popular and trusted name in convenience shopping. Consumers find variety, and value for money at Jiffy stores found at PTT gas stations and neighbourhood locations.

We began the Zaap Meal to Go fresh foods and Zaap Bakery companies in 2016, to bring tasty take-out meals and delicious bakery items to Jiffy stores and other retail outlets in Vientiane. These companies are on a fast-growth track, eyeing openings to supply additional outlets with freshly made meals, and even catering.

Also under the LDC umbrella is SkyCool Import-Export Co., Ltd. the authorised Daikin distributor in 2017. SkyCool has opened the 1st Daikin showroom, a service center, and a training center in Vientiane Capital to ensure that Daikin sales and service standards are continually met.

In mid 2019, Ldc had build an relationship and become a business partner of Schneider Electric here in Laos.

With nearly 300 employees, LDC Group is creating new employment and training opportunities for the Lao people.

We are committed to doing our best to make life better and more convenient for you.

Our Mission

  • Services -Provide productive & efficiency service with a smile to satisfy our esteemed customers.

  • Variety & Assortment -Provide the quality, variety with value products to serve the customer needs.

  • Alliance -Create unity and keep relationship & connection with the alliance.

  • Trust & Community building -We aim to create trust & respect to our customers and our colleagues and actively supporting local community and environment.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the Modern Trade by providing Retail Business standard & enhanced services

Our Goals

To achieve our vision and mission, the company's goals are focused on the following areas:

To provide the highest level of service with the highest level of efficiency to make our customers smile with satisfaction

To provide the goods and services our customers need with value for money they will appreciate

To forge strong alliances with business partners who share our vision

To create and maintain trust and respect among our customers and colleagues

To support local communities and protect the natural environment


We believe in treating our people, our customers with trust & respect
We are working for, what's important & the behaviors you should expect to see

  • A : Attitude
  • T : Think customer first
  • T : Teamwork
  • I : Innovation
  • T : Trust
  • U : Utility
  • D : Development
  • E : Ethics

Employee Characteristics


Work ethic




Positive attitude




Effective communicator



LDC Our Business


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Jiffy stores around Laos are attracting a devoted following of time-conscious customers who know the...

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Jiffy stores around Laos are attracting a devoted following of time-conscious customers who know they will find what they are looking for. That’s why we say a Jiffy store is your store.

Jiffy is an English word that means a short space of time, as in, “I’ll do it in a jiffy.

The idea behind Jiffy stores originated in the United States about 30 years ago when Jiffy Mart convenience stores began sprouting up at gas stations.

The Jiffy concept– building fast-service shops at fast-service gas stations– spread to Thailand in 2006 when PTT Retail Management Co., began building Jiffy stores at PTT gas stations.

LDC Group introduced Jiffy to Lao motorists and consumers in 2014. Shoppers quickly liked the one-stop convenience and reliable quality. By the start of 2018, there were 21 Jiffy shops, including two in of Savannakhet, one in Pakse and one in Luang Prabang.

Drivers know to look for Jiffy stores at PTT gas stations at gateways to Vientiane Capital. City dwellers know where to find Jiffy convenience at neighborhood stores around the city.

Jiffy stores are always brightly lit and well organised to showcase as many as 6,000 items. There is a surprising mixture of imported products and locally sourced products for personal care, daily chores and special needs. In addition, consumers know they can find tasty foods, drinks, snacks and bakery items at Jiffy.
Our plans call for expanding the Jiffy network to PTT gas stations everywhere in Laos and to more neighborhoods where you shop. We already employ more than 250 people and plan to create more jobs soon.
We want to bring one-stop shopping to you so you can find everything you need to buy in a Jiffy.


You already know that zap means delicious, so if you crave fresh bakery items, look for the Zaap Bak...

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You already know that zap means delicious, so if you crave fresh bakery items, look for the Zaap Bakery label.

Zaap baked goods are made of the highest quality ingredients and baked fresh in Vientiane, for quick delivery to Jiffy convenience stores and other locations.

package to pick up. Pick up a few of our specialty baked items next time you see Zaap brand.


The LDC Group has established SkyCool Import-Export Co., Ltd., as the authorised Daikin dealer in La...

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The LDC Group has established SkyCool Import-Export Co., Ltd., as the authorised Daikin dealer in Laos.

Begun in Japan, Daikin is now the world’s No.1 air-conditioning brand, recognized as one of the most trusted products the world over.

Daikin is no less than the world’s foremost expert in air-conditioning technology. This means Daikin products are designed to provide clean comfort for our homes, offices and recreational areas, while saving energy and protecting the environment.

The Daikin Support Team delivers the highest quality after-sales service, assuring the safety and long-life of Daikin products.

Though SkyCool is new, the enterprise benefits from the effective support of Dakin Malaysia, or DAMA. Since its founding SkyCool, has done its utmost to advance the Dakin air-conditioning market, with more than 20 dealers in Vientiane Capital and provinces throughout Laos.

SkyCool offers the convenience of a showroom for introducing Daikin air-conditioning and cooling, and a full service center with after-sales service teams. A modern, efficient warehouse stocks products and spare parts locally. In addition, SkyCool operates a training center for developing technical installation and repair skills to meet Daikin standards.

As the Daikin Authorised Distributor in Laos, SkyCool is contributing heartily to the betterment of lives, providing the most advanced air-conditioning solutions and ensuring continuous customer satisfaction.

We are establishing Daikin as your brand of trust and confidence. It’s no surprise that we are on the way to becomingthe most preferred air-conditioning company in Laos.


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